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The Leading Platform For Push Ads

No matter how you slice it, Push Notifications will be the fastest growing ad unit in 2019. Add this new form of incremental revenue to your ad stack! With opt-ins averaging 12%+ and clickthrough rates of 18%+, you'll earn money from your audience when they're not visiting your site.

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The leading choice for website monetization

Push Notifications serve as a lucrative revenue stream by allowing quality advertisers to deliver interactive, clickable messages to your audience without taking up valuable inventory on your site.

Push Toast is the enterprise-grade platform that scales

Our Tech Stack Includes
Sample Implementation Tag
<script> window._SWP = { pid: YOURPARTNERID, s1: '', // (optional) publisher-defined subid1 s2: '', // (optional) publisher-defined subid2 /* (optional) publisher-defined callback function for subscription */ callback: function(result) { if (result.success) { if (result.newSubscription) { // new subscription! } else { // existing subscription } } else { // user did not subscribe } }, /* (optional) set to false if you want to call window._SWP.register() to manually subscribe the user */ //auto: true }; </script> <script src="/sw.js"></script>

Cross-platform compatibility

Push Toast monetization works flawlessly on all major browsers and devices.

What you'll get with Push Toast

Instant revenue

Our Push monetization is designed to deliver maximum value from every visitor, so you can put more profit into your pocket.

Painless implementation

With Push Toast’s one-line implementation, you don’t need a developer to get started. Just add a single global code snippet and you’re good to go.

Global Advertising Demand

We work with over 20,000 advertisers & agencies all over the world to bring you the highest fill rates. Our extensive, global coverage allows us to serve ads wherever your audience is located.

User-friendly monetization

Unlike other forms of monetization, Push Notifications don't take up space on your website and keep the user experience uninterrupted.

Comprehensive reporting

Measure real-time performance and revenue in your Push Toast dash. With actionable insights at your fingertips, you'll always know how much you're earning.

Additional revenue

Push Toast integrates seamlessly alongside other forms of monetization, so you can boost your bottom line without compromising your existing setup.

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